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Texas State University

Instagram Best Practices

Instagram is great for visually showing your audience what your brand is about. There are many strategies that work on this platform. Some strategies include only sharing photos with no text, incorporating your school colors and reposting photos from other accounts.

The @txst Instagram has adopted the strategy of only using high-quality photos and videos with minimal to no filters. Our strategy also includes showcasing a mix of abstract architecture, close-ups of student life and photos showcasing the campus grounds. 

There are no character limits on Instagram, but brevity is encouraged. Follow the Editorial Style Guide when writing posts.


Instagram Live (Add guests to livestreams)

Instagram Stories


Hashtags are meant to group similar photos into categories so they are easily searchable. Incorporating a few popular hashtags in your post is encouraged. If you have more than a few, you can comment on your own photo to add more hashtags. Only focus on relevant and popular hashtags. Before using a trending hashtag, make sure you understand how the hashtag is being used and if Instagram posts using that hashtag are appropriate for your audience.

Use approved hashtags. Using the correct hashtags will maximize the reach and effectiveness of your tweet.

When creating a hashtag for an event, be sure that it contains a connection to the university. 


If you see a photo you’d like to share, contact the person who posted the photo and ask them for permission to use the photo. Always credit the original user.

Instagram automatically sizes your videos to fit the screen. If you are sharing a video that is wider or taller than the auto fit, press the "Expand" icon (two outward facing arrows) in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo once you've selected it.

When sharing videos on Instagram, keep in mind that you are able to control what the still image will look like. This still image is seen before your video plays and as a square on your profile page. Simply select "Cover" on the bottom right of the "Filter, Trim, Cover" screen to choose what part in the video you want to be displayed first (Cover).