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Texas State University


Facebook Page Names

Use the full name of your college, department, group or program for Facebook page names. If possible, include the words "Texas State University" or "Texas State." 


Texas State University - LBJ Student Center

The Graduate College at Texas State University 

Twitter and Instagram Account Handles

Handles are more limited by character count and naming will have some flexibility. If possible, usernames should include the abbreviation “TXST." This brings recognizable affiliation with Texas State to your accounts.


@TXSTCE (Common Experience)


Twitter account of Bobcat Club


Study Abroad's twitter account


Instagram from the Texas State cheerleaders


To create a consistent look and feel across Texas State's social media accounts, avatars should be created by the Office of University Marketing. Use the same avatar on all your accounts. Contact us to request an avatar for your accounts.

Do not use the TXST logos as avatars. 

Cover Photos

Choose or capture an image that best represents your unit. Make sure it’s in a landscape format and is cropped to the correct dimensions. Refer to Sprout Social's spreadsheet that lists all the dimensions for all social network photo sizes.

If you need a little help finding the perfect photo, we have plenty of high-quality images covering everything from student life and athletics to our beautiful campus and the San Marcos River available for you to use. 


Approved Hashtags

Please use approved hashtags. Using the correct hashtags will maximize the reach and effectiveness of your tweet.

Hashtag Purpose
#txst For general posts regarding Texas State University
#TXST24, #TXST25, etc. For posts intended to engage students of a particular graduating class
#EatEmUpCats For posts regarding athletics or student, faculty or staff achievements
#TXSTbound For posts regarding admissions or student, faculty or staff achievements

Note: Use all-caps #TXST at the beginning of a sentence or before a proper noun. Use lowercase #txst in other cases.

Event Hashtags

When creating a hashtag for an event, be sure that it contains a connection to the university.

Use Don't Use
#TXSTgrad #Graduation
#TXSThomecoming #Homecoming
#TXSTmovein #MoveInDay
#BobcatSoccer #Soccer



Social Media Editorial Style Guide

You’re encouraged to follow the university’s Editorial Style Guide when possible, but the unique nature of social media means these guidelines are flexible. Here are some specific editorial guidelines for social media, especially for platforms with limited character counts.

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  • Be wary of using abbreviations and acronyms on social media. Always ask yourself if your audience will know what an acronym means before using it. 

  • You may use "alum" as a short form of alumnus, alumna or alumni when necessary. A person who attended Texas State but did not graduate from the university should be referred to as a former student or former Bobcat.

  • You may use the symbol “&” instead of the word “and” if necessary.

  • Contractions are acceptable.

    • Abbreviate months according to AP Style: Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec.
    • Never add “nd,” “st” or “th” to a date.
    • You do not have to use the day of the week with a date.
    • You may cut the year from the date if the event is happening in the current calendar year.
    • Abbreviate days of the week only if necessary: Mon., Tues., Wed., Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun. 
    • If an event is occurring within the next week, you may use just the day of the week without the date. 
    • You may leave the periods out of am/pm: 7 am, 8 pm


  • Emojis may or may not be appropriate for your social media account depending on the account’s purpose and voice. For example, emojis would be more appropriate for a student-run organization than for an English Department account. Make sure your use of emojis matches the voice and tone you’ve chosen for your account, and be consistent with your use of emojis.

  • Exclamation points have a different connotation on social media than they do in print. You may use exclamation points on social media to convey friendliness and excitement and soften the voice of your messages, but limit your exclamation points to one per sentence.


    • We love everyone's #beabobcat photos. Keep them coming!
    • Our username is txstateu!